Programs for Environmental Awareness & Cultural Exchange: P.E.A.C.E Michael J. Caduto Multicultural and  Earth Stewardship Programs

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This section is organized according to audience levels as follows:

  • Programs for Children, Families and the General Public immediately follows
  • Click here to jump down to programs for Adults and Young Adults

These participatory programs offer an entertaining educational experience presented through (depending on the program) stories, slides and field trips. They help audiences to understand and appreciate Native North American cultures and their numerous contributions to contemporary society.

For Children, Families and The General Public


  The Rainbow Garden: Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Song, story and dance from several different cultures are used to present a picture of humankind as a cultural garden-a rich, interesting and exciting variety of peoples. Participants are encouraged to realize the value and importance of approaching cross-cultural relationships with tolerance, understanding and appreciation. Emphasis is placed on the fact that we are all native to some region(s) of the world, and that our roots reach out and mingle in the fertile soil of humanity.


Earth Tales from Around the World

This workshop uses traditional stories from throughout the world (North America, African, South & Central America, Scotland, Italy, Tibet and others), as well as songs, change, Native instruments and dance to share important lessons for wise Earth stewardship. During this presentation, participants are introduced to, and actively involve in, the great Circle of Life-the basis for a balanced, sustainable existence with Earth. Each person makes a necklace of wooden beads to represent our commitment to take care of our Earth for the next 7 generations.


Life is a Story - Tales & Songs about the Circle of Life

Drawing upon stories from traditional cultures from throughout the world, as well as his own original music, Michael leads the group on an adventure into seeing life as an on-going creation of our own stories. Full of animals, humorous voices and drama, these stories speak especially to children-on being part of a family, on growing up and rites of passage, and on our relationships with other people and the natural world. Children are encouraged to explore their own life's story by using some of the ideas suggested in this performance.


Weaving Tales: Introducing the Art of Storytelling

Through storytelling, creative involvement, music, dance and discussion we explore the different kinds of stories, the role of stories in our lives, families and cultures, including Native peoples. Activities will focus on methods for learning stories, ways for setting the stage, storytelling techniques, the use of stories in teaching and methods for choosing and telling stories with a sensitivity to the cultures of origin.



Michael J. Caduto Multicultural and  Earth Stewardship Programs

For Adults and Young Adults


Life is a Story: Finding Strength in Diversity

Drawing upon stories from cultures found throughout the world and his own original music, Michael explores the traditional importance and role of storytelling in navigating the transition from childhood to adult life. Stories and songs are chosen for their particular relevance to adult concerns and issues, such as the raising of children, human and environmental relationships, spirituality, male-female energies, health and life-and-death. Active discussion explores traditional storytelling techniques, the meaning of stories at different points in the journey of life, the relevance of stories to contemporary adults and the state of storytelling in the modern world. Participants are encouraged to explore their own, personal life story using some of the tools suggested in this workshop.


Celtic Earth Ways

Take a slide-show journey to the wilds of Scotland and explore the land of the Celts. Become immersed in an ancient Celtic cautionary tale about the seal-folk, "The Silkies and the Fisherman's Sons." Explore the beliefs and Earth traditions of these ancient peoples and discuss their relevance in our lives and times.